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Go out and follow tracks with your dog

The Best Dog Track App

Record a track

Record how you’re are creating the track with Markers, something you’ve hidden, or just a major change in direktion.

Follow the track

Record how you’re following the track, as many times you want. Get a “Reminder” mark when you’re going to the first marker, easy to find with a rubber band line from where you are.

Get weather

Get weather conditions from when the track was recorded until you followed together with the actual conditions.

Share your track

Share your tracks with your friends and in a public format (GPX). You can import your exports in any another app which supports GPX

More to come

As always, we can’t promise anything, but there are an extensive list of further features to come. Stay tuned….

Record a track

How to use dogtrack

Start with a track

Start with pressing the icon Menu and Start New Track. The app will record where you’re going.

The three rows of information are:

  • Duration of the track recording
  • The distance from the last marker
  • The total distance of the track

Place a marker

Just press the red icon and a marker will be placed at your position. The second row of information is now reset to show the distance of the last leg.

Do your track

Place all the markers and walk your track. You can press a marker and make it special and it turns out white.

For instance if you’re stopping with blod on your track it can be good to mark it so you remember where you did it.

Finish the track

Press the checker flagg for two seconds and you’ll be presented a summary of the track. If you’re done just press Save, else wipe down the view and continuing.

Follow the track

How to use dogtrack

Start follow

When you start to follow a track you’ll get a Remember marker so you can find your way back. You will see a dotted rubber band with distans to the first marker on the track. If you press the green Play icon the actual follow will start and your path will be recorded.

Finish the track

When you press the red Play icon for 1 second you’ll end the recording and a summary will be presented.


When pressed the red Play icon you’ll be presented a summary of when you followed the track. You can add any information if needed. You also get a weather summary from when you recorded the track and the time you followed it (max 7 days) and also a current weather information

Finish the track

You can have several track followed each with it’s own weather information. Each recording will have its own colour on the map so you can evaluate the results easy.